The energy-efficient and low-priced silo dryer TWISTER


Supplemental to our multi-layer belt dryer SMART, floradry® GmbH produces the patent pending silo dryer TWISTER.

The TWISTER is ideal for drying materials that are not free-flowing (viscous) or for structured, chopped biomass, such as:

  • Wood chips,
  • Coarse sawdust,
  • Separate fermentation residues
  • Sewage sludge

The silo dryer TWISTER was optimised under the aspects of energy efficiency and cost reduction so that, for example, the generated process heat and waste gas streams are re-used for the drying process. The TWISTER convinces through the following benefits:

  • Energy-efficient drying through semi-continuous operation
  • Optimum use of water adsorption capacity of the air routed through the system
  • Dust filters are not necessary any more
  • Suitable for the use of process heat in the low-temperature range
  • Simple structure and easily accessible maintenance hatches
  • Very good price/performance ratio
  • Hygienization of the product to be dried is possible

The TWISTER combines convection drying in a cross flow with contact drying, resulting in quick and high-quality drying results. In its capacity as a continuous dryer, it is suitable for semi-continuous operation. As a low-temperature dryer, it can be connected to almost any heat source, such as cogeneration plants or biogas plants. The operation is likewise highly flexible, and the drying duration as well as the filling height can be adjusted depending on the product.

The TWISTER has special technical features, such as

  • a discharge floor with controllable perforated spinning reels,
  • level sensors to control the optimum filling and
  • a process control system with an integrated software program to continuously record all important measurement parameters.

The operation of the TWISTER is automatic and can be performed with remote monitoring.

As an option, the dryer can be ordered with heat exchanger, ammonia separator and corrosion-free steel for drying fermentation residues.

The base area is 4 x 4 m so that the dryer is semi-mobile. The TWISTER can, as required, also be ordered and delivered in individual sizes and with different drying efficiencies.

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