The floradry® SMART stands out by its favourable price/performance ratio and its high efficiency. It can either be operated in a continuous mode, saving energy, time and work, or in a batch mode at different temperature levels. With the corresponding temperature level in the batch mode, a hygienization of the product is possible.


Efficient use of resources

The floradry® SMART is programmed for energy efficiency and features a drying process in the low-temperature range. The convection/cross flow/counter flow of the air routing in combination with a contact drying process during the mixing of the product to be dried and a fluidized bed drying effect leads to high energy savings. The water absorption capacity of the air, which is routed through the system, is maximally utilized, reaching a value of more than 90 percent at the air outlet.

As the floradry® SMART is a multi-layer dryer, the air supplied can be used multiply in an intelligent manner. The upper belt is a closed belt that is additionally heated from below through the air channel, which also leads to contact drying and the drying of the biomass in a counterflow with air. At the same time, the biomass is loosened with spindles, which can be delivered in various designs, adjusted to the product, and dried in a kind of fluidized bed. The lower belt is perforated and hence permeable to air, enabling the uniform cross-flow ventilation. Thanks to the internal heat recovery and the complete insulation of the dryer, the energy requirement is additionally reduced.



High quality of the product to be dried

Spindles loosen up the product

For an optimum drying process, the product layers in the floradry® SMART are loosened up by turnover devices, such as spiked rollers. The multi-layer feature of the dryer offers an additional quality-related benefit, as the product to be dried is automatically re-arranged during the changeover to the lower belt, eliminating moist product accumulations.

The physical parameters can be adjusted exactly to the drying product. Drying temperature, retention time of the product, air velocity and air direction are selected for the respective drying product and precisely matched through the sensor-controlled electronic system. The floradry® SMART guarantees a gentle and continuous drying, which leads to a high quality of the final product.

Louvre dampers and an air-permeable transport belt ensure optimum air streams

A high-quality technical system ensures smooth process procedures and a long dryer duration

Flexible use

The belt dryer floradry® SMART features a modular design. Depending on product and drying process, it can be extended or reduced quickly and economically. The same flexibility applies to the use of the heat and energy source, no matter if a cogeneration plant or a biogas plant are available, the floradry® SMART can connected almost everywhere.

Thanks to the modular design, the dryer can be extended, if required.


Drying processes frequently lead to high dust loads. The floradry® SMART minimizes the dust development, as the major portion of the waste air is routed through the moist product during product feed and, in the course of this, the major dust portion is bound. The saturated waste air can be cleaned additionally with the aid of a dust separator (e.g. scrubber and biofilter).

The insulation of the floradry® SMART likewise ensures a very good noise insulation. The exhaust air noise can additionally be reduced by noise insulators.



On request, the dryers are produced for the drying of fermentation residues of corrosion-free material and can be equipped with an ammonia filter to avoid odour loads and air contaminations.