New biomass and biomass residue dryer from floradry

The Munich-based company floradry has recently started to market the drying systems, developed in cooperation with the University of the Armed Forces in Munich, under the brand names “floradry TWISTER“ and “floradry SMART”. Both systems enable the energy-efficient drying of biomass and biomass residues. As a result, an improved storage capability and calorific value of the chips or fuel is achieved.

13.02.2014 | 20:31

Munich, 12th September 2013. Biogas plant operators, pellet manufacturers and agricultural businesses are among the main target groups, which the Munich-based floradry GmbH i.G. intends to serve with their newly designed drying systems. The systems “floradry TWISTER“ and “floradry SMART“, developed in cooperation with the chair for household water management and waste management at the University of the Armed Forces in Munich, features a modular design. As a result, it can be supplemented, depending on the space available, the required throughput and the used drying products in a requirement-related manner by further drying modules.

Various applications

All floradry dryers can be offered with dust filter, heat exchanger and with ammonia scrubber. The ammonia filters prevent odour loads and air contaminations. The floradry dryer systems are simple, robust and easy to maintain. The space requirement is low and the price/performance ratio is good. If these systems are employed, the waste heat from cogeneration plants, biogas or other industrial plants can be utilized for the drying process. This means that a great variety of applications are offered.

floradry SMART

In difference to the floradry TWISTER, the likewise patented floradry SMART is a multi-layer belt dryer, which is manufactured in modules and in compliance with the customer requirements. In both systems, drying is performed in the low-temperature range. In the floradry SMART, the convection drying process in a cross and counter flow is combined with an optional contact drying and a fluidized bed drying system. Feed, wood chips, sawdust, grass seed, beet pulp, bagasse, separated fermentation residues, grain and organic residues can consequently be dried in a highly energy-efficient way. The high efficiency is achieved by a special air path and the particular arrangement of the product turning devices.

The floradry smart can be operated either continuously or in a batch process on various temperature levels. In addition, a hygienization of the product is possible in the batch process at the corresponding temperature level. Through the variably adjustable temperature range, e.g. grass seed can be dried at 40°C and feed at 80°C. In this drying system, the water absorption capacity of air is likewise utilized optimally, also achieving a water content at the air outlet of more than 90 percent.

floradry TWISTER

With the patent-pending “floradry TWISTER“, wood chips, sawdust and highly viscous materials can be dried. The excellent energy efficiency of the continuous dryer results from a combination of convection drying in a cross flow pattern and contact drying. The drying duration as well as the filling level can be adjusted, depending on the product. If process heat is generated and waste gas streams occur, they can be used for the drying process. The drying air is saturated optimally. Dryer operation is automatic and can be remotely monitored.

The floradry twister can also used as a hopper/silo. It is delivered with or without feed and discharge system. The process control system is included. Optionally, the dryer can be ordered with heat exchanger and ammonia separator. The drying system can be manufactured, depending on the requested drying performance in various sizes; it is fully insulated and can be placed outdoors or on weighing cells, if necessary.

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About floradry

floradry GmbH manufactures and sells the drying system developed within the florafuel research project. The drying systems can be employed, depending on the design, for the drying of animal feed, fuel or fermentation residues or also sewage sludge.

The distribution of the drying systems is handled by floradry GmbH.

The bio-energy carriers generated in the so-called “florafuel process” are suitable for base and peak loads and represent an ideal supplement in the bio-energy mix under both ecological and economic aspects. The worldwide patented process of plants and drying systems was developed and optimised within a research project together with the chair for household water management and waste technology at the University of the Armed Forces in Munich.

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