Function of the belt dryer floradry® SMART



1. Receiver tank

2. Spiked roller

3. Air-impermeable drying belt

4. Thanks to the modular design, the dryer can be built with up to 3 to 10 modules.

5. Intermediate hopper

6. Louvre damper

7. Perforated, air-impermeable drying belt

8. Fan

9. Air damper

10. Heat exchanger

The product is fed to the area of the upper belt section and distributed. The upper belt serves for product conveyance and at the same time as contact drying surface. Spindles that keep the product moving on the contact-drying belt enable a fluidized bed drying effect. The loosened product is heated and pre-dried by the air stream, which approaches the product in a counter flow. Thanks to the product loosening during drying, the lumps are dissolved, the product filling is mixed and a consistent drying of the product is achieved. On the second belt, the pre-heated and pre-dried product is ventilated in a cross flow and dried to the desired residual water content. Through the variably adjustable temperature range, for example, grass seed at 40°C and sewage sludge can be dried at 80°C. Also in this drying system, the water absorption capacity of the air is optimally utilized.